How To Protect Wildlife From Extinction


The lists of those endangered animals is increasing every year. A conservative estimation has placed about 40% of the entire species in brink of ecological extinction. Well, not just those traditional wetlands have been taken away in finding new areas to make plantations, but those cities are increasing at an alarming rate as well. Those affected animal life and plants in the middle of all these are quite many, and you could find animals such as pandas, polar bears and even those Indian tigers which were once our proud heritage. Below are a number of ideas that are threshed out in saving the those endangered animals and wildlife for the future.

  1. Spreading the Awareness- The first thing which you could do in preserving these plants and animals that are in need would be to spread awareness regarding them. Those lists of endangered species can be accessed online so people could read about them. You could talk to your friends and even tell kids regarding the unfortunate fate of such animals which may not survive when collective efforts are not made. Also, when you see articles, videos and posts in social media, why not share them to make more people know about wildlife protection or how human activities have affected the wilderness. Visit to get guided.


  1. Wildlife Protection Initiative- You could start wildlife protection in your own area as well. Read about those various plants and animals in your place which may be experiencing such fate. Also, arranging a feeding program could be an excellent way in being a part of this. Throughout this activity, you could begin making bird baths, bird feeders, clean those protected areas of waste particularly the plastics which are quite indestructible.


  1. Participating in Worthy Organizations- The collective and social efforts could be done to protect these species. You could start or change a legislation and be part of some organizations such as Greenpeace, WWF, Wilderness International and others.


  1. Stop buying products made from endangered animals and plants- Do not patronize those products like handbags, coats and others which are made from those animals and plants which are in the brink of extinction. You could also tell your friends, family and colleagues about it so they could stop patronizing such products too.


  1. Arrange charity and fundraising events- The money you can gather in such events can be used to help the efforts of those organizations from you are supporting. So consider doing this when you want to be an active participant for wildlife protection.

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